IT/EdTech Support

Contact the Help Desk

441-239-3369 and 441- 505-2486

IT Support

IT Support Services is responsible for the school's digital resources.  This includes the installation, maintenance, technical professional development and support of the school's computing systems, networks and data communications technologies, including hardware and software. The IT Support Services team designs, deploys and supports the school's security cameras.

The Help Desk team provides centralized phone and email help for technical support.  All problems that require  support are entered into a tracking database and assigned to the appropriate group for resolution. Once support tickets are entered into the database, they remain on an open call list until completed. 


The Help Desk coordinates all technology processes and procedures with local support vendors, and is also responsible for administering the school's inventory. 

The IT Support teams will be available to support teachers, students and parents.  

●Teachers:​  Urgent matters can be done by creating a ticket by sending an email to 

●Students/Parents:​ Students and parents with  technology issues can create a help ticket by sending an email to ​ or creating a ticket at

Mr. Anthony Outerbridge, IT Director


EdTech Support

Somersfield Academy is fortunate to have a number of Educational Technology Specialists that can provide instructional technology support to students, teachers and parents.  The teachers and their contact details are provided below:

Ms Kim Owens, Design & Technology Teacher


Ms Jenaia Curtis, Innovations Teacher


Ms Nadia Khan, LP Classroom Teacher


Our IT Support/Educational Technology Specialists will be available to provide remote support for teachers, students and parents.   Click the New Support Ticket link on the Somersfield Academy's Helpdesk website for assistance.